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Change Management

Approximately 70% of organizational change projects fail due ineffective change management strategies, plans and support.  Change is a major part of an organization’s evolution and needs to be carefully planned, managed and executed.   

We provide our clients with structured change management strategies and plans to ensure the project is a success.  Whether the change is a new initiative, merger, acquisition, divestment, downsizing, restructuring or project, Topanga can help you.  We have experience leading large, complex, HR projects and programs in change-driven, fast-paced environments across global organizations.   This experience and expertise has enabled us to develop a unique change management blueprint that our clients trust.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Your organization may be looking to merge or acquire to achieve its organizational objectives and Topanga can help you.  The most challenging part of a merger or acquisition is the phase of uncertainty for employees and leaders, the longer this phase lasts the more attractive alternative employment becomes.  The loss of key employees and leaders during this process can erode the value of your business and have significant impacts.  Keeping employees engaged throughout the process is key! 

Our due diligence process includes a full analysis of policies, programs, compensation, benefits, organizational structure, employees, employee demographics, leadership, key talent,  risks, costs, labour issues,  HR issues, litigation, contracts, agreements and culture. 

We partner with our clients and support you throughout the entire process, from the due diligence phase right through to the post-transaction phase.

Integration Phase

Once the transaction is complete, the real work begins!  The integration phase is the most important phase and requires a robust change management plan and HR roadmap with work groups assigned to ensure its timely execution.  Our experience with M&A integrations has taught us that the biggest challenges are the people issues and different cultures.  Our role is to ensure both cultures come together for a smooth transition instead of clashing against one another.  We manage these areas attentively and our people strategies have resulted in successful integrations.

As part of the integration phase, we provide the following services:

HR Strategy

Due diligence

Change Management plan

Organizational design

Support for employees

Support for managers & executive team

Communication plan


Planning of employee meetings

Offer letters, employment contracts, agreements

Compensation plans

Benefit plans, retirement plans