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Hiring Top Talent

One of the top challenges for small to medium-sized businesses is recruitment.  Hiring the right talent is critical to every organization’s success but the lack of time, hiring strategy, interview skills and resources  just a few of the challenges organizations face when trying to attract and retain top talent.

The real cost is more than money

Hiring the wrong candidate has a financial impact but also morale and productivity impacts.    Disengagement is contagious and when a disengaged hire is not the right fit or is not productive, it forces the rest of the team to make up for it.   There is no denying that the cost of replacing an employee is high in terms of lost time and productivity but what often gets overlooked is the reduced team performance, morale and time spent training a new employee.  Hiring the wrong candidate has a significant overall impact to your business, it all adds up!!

How are we different from a recruitment firm?

At Topanga, we have over 25 years’ experience recruiting talent for global organizations by implementing recruitment strategies to source the right candidates and ultimately hire and retain top talent.  We are not recruiters, when you work with us we are your HR Business Partners, we work closely with your team and coach you through the entire process.  We dedicate a resource to learn about your organization, workplace culture, values, the role, the team, performance expectations and leadership to ensure that we match to right candidate to your organization.  We can work with you virtually or on-site.

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Our Services

We understand how time-consuming and demanding recruitment can be and our goal is to simplify the process and help you recruit the best talent!  We partner with you throughout the recruitment journey by providing tailored recruitment solutions that fit your business.  You can outsource the entire process to us or we can work on only the services you require.   

Recruitment Services

Job Descriptions – we prepare a detailed job description for each role

Job Postings – we create job postings and advertise the roles

Retention Strategy – we conduct a full analysis of your current turnover and build a retention strategy to attract, engage and retain employees long term

Compensation Strategies and Guidelines –we benchmark internal roles against industry standards and create compensation strategies and guidelines that enable you to recruit top talent in a competitive market 

Recruitment Strategy  - we develop a recruitment strategy that includes building your employer brand to attract and retain top talent

Filtering of CV’s - we review all cv’s and present qualified candidates to you

Interview Scheduling – you provide your availability and we coordinate the process with candidates

Interviews – we support you virtually or on-site with an HR expert

Testing - Personality or psychometric assessments to ensure compatibility with leadership and organization

Reference Checks – we check the candidate’s references with other employers

Offer of employment – we draft the offer letter and extend the offer to the candidate

New Employee Announcement – we create the employee announcement

Onboarding and Integration- we create the onboarding and integration plan and coordinate the process with your team

Interview Guides – we create position-based interview guides 

Coaching and Training on Interview and Selection Process – we coach and train your management team on how to interview and select the right candidates for your organization

We partner with you throughout the interview and selection process to help you make the right decision. 


To learn more about how we can help you hire top talent, contact us for a consultation.

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