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Coaching Session | Topanga HR Consulting and Coaching


Free 30 minute consultation to assess your needs!


Coaching is an effective method used to help individuals, organizations and teams make shifts to reach their goals.  Coaching is highly effective as a talent development tool as it encourages individuals to become aware of their blind spots and blocks holding them back from achieving success.  

Coaching conversations allow you to discuss your thoughts and feelings openly in a confidential setting with an objective coaching who acts as a catalyst and sounding board.  The result of coaching is that you will gain clarity and make better decisions which leads to increased fulfillment in your personal life and professional life.


Individual One-to-One Coaching

Are you ready for the next level in your career journey? Whether you are at a stage in your career where you aspire to become a leader , further develop your leadership skills or simply improve your skills to become better at what you do, coaching will help you make the necessary shifts to attain your goals.

Our coaching programs are customized to our client’s needs, our approach includes:

Career Assessment to determine your key strengths and explore your career path;

Leadership Competency Assessment tools to determine your leadership skills to best prepare you for a future role or develop your skills in your current role;

One-to-one coaching sessions on key competency development where we provide you the tools and action plans to develop your skills and attain your goals;

360 assessments (upon request)

Our Programs:

New Manager Coaching

Leadership Development

Women in Leadership

Key Competency Development 


Improving Workplace Relationships


Workplace Conflict and Tensions

Navigating through change effectively

HR Coaching

One-to-one coaching is paired with assessment tools, goal setting, action plans and targeted feedback to support the goals of each client’s leadership development plan

1:1 Coaching Consultation | Topanga HR

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is ideal for executives who wish to increase their performance, learn to navigate through change, learn how to develop and lead high-performance teams, develop their management skills, or overcome any challenges in areas such as communication, goal setting, time management, confidence or how to achieve work-life balance.  

Our coaching program provides the tools and strategies to help individuals become aware of any blind spots and create action plans to achieve higher levels of success and overcome any challenges.

Our Executive Coaching program includes:

Support on demand via email, text, Zoom or by phone

Business Leader Competency Assessment tools to determine your leadership skills and gaps to be addressed;