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What is culture?  Culture is the personality of your company, made up of your beliefs, values and behaviors that determine how employees and managers interact with one another.  Your culture is your employer brand!  Your company’s culture extends beyond internal interaction; your employees have direct contact with your client which plays a significant role in brand perception.  Happy employees help businesses thrive!

Employer Brand

A healthy work culture has never been as important as it is today as a means to attract, engage and retain employees who are committed to the success of your business.  Candidates are more proactive than you may think, before an interview they usually prepare by reading up on your company, employees, employer reviews and start to form an idea of what your culture is before they attend the interview.  Although the role and compensation are important, manager behaviors and culture are equally important in attracting top talent to your business.

There are a number of components that make up a great workplace culture but you need to start with defining the culture you want to create or it will organically form itself and be challenging to shift later on.

Culture and Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is like the extent to which your employees are passionate about their job and committed to your business.  Workplace culture plays a big role in employee engagement.  A healthy work culture where employees have a shared vision, purpose and feel supported personally and professionally is where they perform at their best.  Humans are intrinsically motivated by purpose, if employees do not understand why they are doing their job or how their role contributes to the overall vision and purpose, they are often disengaged.  

Did you know that research shows that 70% of employees are disengaged?  

The top 3 causes for disengagement are:

  1. Poor Leadership

  2. Poor communication

  3. Poor talent management programs that include performance management systems, career paths and competitive compensation plans

The cost of disengagement directly affects your bottom line and hinders your company’s growth and success.

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Creating an Engaging Workplace 

Whether you are ready to shift your workplace culture, starting a business and creating a new culture, or integrating cultures following a merger or acquisition, we have the expertise to help you:

Develop your Employer Brand

Define Your Culture – articulating and aligning your shared purpose, values,  behaviors and mindsets to inspire your team’s commitment 

Annual Employee Engagement Surveys and Pulse Surveys

Employee Communication

Leadership Development and Communication

Develop HR programs, practices and policies that enable your culture

Develop Talent Management programs that engage employees - onboarding, performanzce management, career paths, competitive compensation, programs to support employees

Culture Integration and Transformation Initiatives we can help with:

HR Due Diligence

Mergers and Acquisitions – redefining and integrating multiple cultures

Alignment – aligning teams and leaders on current and future state of desired culture

Leadership - enabling and equipping leaders to effectively lead and model culture change

Employees – engaging employees through a culture change or transformation

Transformation – developing and create successful strategies and action plans create sustainable change

Annual Employee Engagement Surveys and Pulse Surveys

Communication Plans and Strategies 

Develop Your New Employer Brand

We are passionate about creating healthy workplace cultures where employees and leaders thrive. 


Contact us and let us know how we can help you!

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