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Restructuring & Termination | Topanga HR


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Restructuring and Downsizing

The decision to downsize or restructure an organization is never easy but sometimes it is a necessary measure to move a business forward.  It’s important to keep in mind that these business decisions have impacts on both the organization and its employees.  Restructuring is a sensitive matter and with every decision you make, you need to consider the implications and risks of your decisions and how they will impact your business down the line.


At Topanga we are highly skilled in helping organizations restructure and resize as part of their business strategy.  Our extensive experience in helping organizations restructure and downsize includes:

  • Restructuring  or downsizing to align with changes or new business strategy

  • Site or division closures

  • Divestitures

  • Mergers

  • Acquisitions

  • IPO

How can we support your business:

Define – we partner with you to define the issue and assess whether the current roles and structure are meeting organizational objectives.

Design and align – we work with you to identify and create a new structure and organizational design that aligns with your business strategy and objectives.

Strategy and plan – we create the people strategy, documentation and plans to help you navigate through the restructuring or downsizing process.

Manage risk - We ensure that our clients are made aware of legislative requirements, risks, potential impacts and obligations before making any final decisions.

Support – We support employees and leaders throughout the planning, execution and implementation phases.

Termination – we support you through the entire termination process and can be present at the meetings if required.

Communicate – we create a communication plan that includes all individual meetings, group meetings, communication, management coaching and announcements.

Implement – we partner with you to announce changes to employees and implement the new structure. 

Engage – we understand that not everyone accepts change the same way and employee engagement is always top of mind for us.  We help you create the space where employees can freely share their concerns, ideas and information.   These opportunities provide insight that helps us address issues early on to ensure the change program is successful.

Termination of Employment | Topanga HR

Termination of Employment

The decision to terminate an employee is never easy, whether it’s a behavioral issue, performance issue or as part of a business strategy, it’s a difficult task and needs to be carried out with careful thought and consideration.

We can offer you advice and guidance on how to do it right and reduce the chances of any legislative breaches or complaints at the Labour Board.

We coach you through the process and help prepare you for the meeting with the employee and provide you with the necessary documentation.  We can also support you with the communication plan following their departure.


How we can support you:

Preparation of required documentation

Expert guidance on how to prepare for the termination

Coaching on discussions

Career transition services

Our experts can support your through these challenging projects, contact us today to learn more.

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