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Let Us Help You Protect Your Business

We help business owners and leaders meet the demands of a rapidly changing HR landscape while ensuring their business is protected.  Regardless of the size of your business or industry managing Human Resources requires specialized knowledge and experience to ensure your business is protected and compliant.  Let us focus on HR so you can focus on your business.

Policy Development and Employee Handbook

Every workplace culture is different and policy development should be consistent with your culture while communicating your expectations.  Well written policies enable clear and consistent practices across your business.  

In Canada and the US, companies are required by law to document certain policies and make them available to employees.  In Canada for example, businesses are governed by provincial Employment Standards legislation which regulates standards such as wages, paid vacation, leaves of absence, hours of work, overtime and maternity leave.

You may only need one policy or an entire policy handbook, we will customize your HR policies to communicate your guidelines and protect your business.

Text Employee handbook | Topanga HR

Compliance - Mitigate Your Risk

Our team will help you identify and mitigate your risk by implementing HR best practices for your business.  

Topanga will ensure you meet your legal obligations, we will:

Create your policies and guidelines

Implement programs to comply with legisition

Deliver or source required training on programs such as Workplace Violence and Harassment, Health and Safety

We will create and implement your HR policies and compliance programs based on your needs and legal requirements. 

Contact us and let us know how we can help you!

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