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Effective Performance Management

Performance management is one of the least favorite topics for managers, it can be daunting.  Managers sink into their chair at the thought of having to conduct performance reviews or address an employee performance issue.  This is a result of tedious and complex systems and processes that may not be adding value to your business and causing your management team to avoid the process altogether whenever possible until it turns into a serious issue.   More often than not, ignoring performance issues do not make them go away, they usually multiply and cause your top performers to leave due to unfair practices or unstructured programs that do not address performance issues of their peers and fail to recognize their contributions.  

The best way to avoid these issues is to have a well-designed performance management program and framework to align all employees to your vision and strategy.  We believe in simple, easy to manage programs that are engaging for both leaders and employees.  It is an opportunity to discuss achievements, challenges, set new goals and agree on development plans for continuous growth and success.

Performance management is an opportunity to involve your employees in improving your organizational effectiveness and supporting their growth.  

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We can support you with:

Creating a Performance Review Program

360 feedback process


Metrics and reporting

Strategies to deal with problem employees

Training for Managers on performance management

Coaching on how to provide feedback and difficult discussions

Employee engagement and retention strategies

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