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Organizational Design and Development

Would you like to create your vision, values and develop your HR strategy to attract and retain top talent?

Would you like to learn how to improve employees’ performance to help meet your business objectives?

Are you planning to grow your business and want to implement the right structure, leadership, talent and systems to prepare for growth?

Would you like to create a structure where employees feel valued, empowered and committed to contribute your company’s success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Topanga can help!  Designing an organization or major organizational change is a complex and high-stakes process.  Let’s face it, business is being disrupted!  

Design, Tools and Framework

Every business, no matter the size, is strategizing on how to stay competitive or better yet how to get ahead of the competition.  Business is being disrupted by new business models, competition, technology, regulations, crisis and now by Covid 19.  Whether you are looking to grow your business, make changes, re-design, revive or pivot your business, Topanga has the framework, tools and expertise to help you.  We know that the most successful organizations in the world are well designed, organized, engaged, trained, equipped and well led.

Remember that a company’s success hinges on the performance of its people.  It’s about people, their behaviors, their skills, their engagement and contribution. Aligning your strategy, leadership, infrastructure, networks, teams and culture is key.   

Strategy, strategy, strategy! When we work on organizational design or development projects, our rule of thumb is that the structure should align with the business and people strategies.  Topanga has developed a systematic and objective organizational design and development framework that ensures our clients create successful organizations.

Team Meeting | Topanga HR

Topanga’s Organizational Design and Development Framework:

Topanga’s Organizational Design and Development Framework is a holistic approach to organizational design and development.  There are two dimensions to each part of our framework, current state and future state:

Strategy – We always start with strategy! 

Organizational Design – Once we are clear on your business strategy including your operating model, objectives, vision, values and competitive advantage - we begin to develop your organizational design.

Leadership – leadership team, roles, responsibilities, competencies 

Structure  type of organizational structure, challenges

Talent Management – how you recruit, retain and develop your talent.  Talent processes, goals and aspirations, reward, career paths, succession

Engagement – shared vision and values, clear objectives, commitment, pride, fun

Teams & Networksrelationships and collaboration, effective teams, communication, shared success

Culturetype of culture, performance vibe

We guide you through the entire process with assessments, workshops, discussions, coaching and tools you need to achieve success. 

Infrastructure and Technology processes, information flow, tools, systems, technology, equipment

Contact us today to learn how we can help you design your organization for success!

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