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Align your HR Strategy To Your Business Strategy For Success

Where do we begin?  This is the question many of our clients ask when it comes to creating their HR strategy.  Developing an HR strategy can be a challenging and daunting task as there are so many moving pieces. Business owners are often stretched and are searching for cost-effective and efficient solutions to make sure all the HR fundamentals are in place to comply with legislation, and create an engaging and productive work environment so the business is set up for success.

Hiring the right people into the right roles and structure aligned to your business strategy is the key to long-term success. Small to medium-sized businesses have HR needs just as with large organizations but quite often lack the resources, time or knowledge to move forward.   We understand the challenges you face, building an HR infrastructure to support your business objectives and a culture where employees are engaged and committed to your success does not happen by accident, it is by design!

Our team can help you navigate through the process of creating your HR strategy and ensure that it is aligned with business and vision.

Key HR Strategies | Topanga HR

Key HR Strategies we can help you with:

Develop your values, vision, and mission

Strategic planning process, HR goals and plans to achieve them

Creating a world class employer brand

Attracting and selecting the right people

Creating engagement plans to retain employees

Creating a healthy work culture

Compensation and benefits allowing you to remain competitive

Talent management programs to engage and retain employees long-term - employee development plans, training, coaching, performance management, succession

Employment contracts and agreements to protect your business

Policies and compliance with legislation

Workforce planning, short and long-term strategies

Leadership development, coaching, training, workshops

Organizational design and development

Succession planning


Topanga HR Consulting and Coaching can help you build the basic infrastructure (policies, guidelines, employment contracts, performance management systems, hiring strategies and engagement strategies  that will set you up for success while ensuring your business is protected.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you!

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