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Topanga is a Human Resources consulting and coaching firm providing flexible HR services to businesses of all sizes as well as US and International businesses with a location in Canada. We offer affordable HR solutions customized to your needs.

Our Why


Topanga exists because we believe that every business, no matter the size, should have access to the HR expertise they need to meet their business goals and create working environments where employees and leaders thrive. Our passion is helping companies align HR strategies to business strategies, supporting their growth and doing everything we can to help them succeed. Our clients’ success is our success.

Successful Professionals | Topanga HR

Our Values

INNOVATION:  Stay ahead of the game! We think beyond what is accepted as possible and offer creative solutions.  

CONNECTION:  Human connection is at the core of everything we do! We value the connections we make - connecting with our clients, connecting people to the right organizations and connecting HR strategies to business strategies.

INTEGRITY:   Be authentic!  We honor our commitments, communicate with transparency and deliver on our promises.  

IMPACT:  Deliver exceptional value and results that have an impact.

RESPECT: Inclusivity is a choice!  We believe that our open-minded, inclusive and collaborative approach enables us to learn and always leads to successful outcomes!

Our Expertise


We understand the challenges of being responsible for business strategy and day-to-day operations and how difficult it can be without worrying about the complexities of human resources management and employee issues. Our objective is to provide you with stress-free solutions that save you time and money that you can invest in your growing your business.

Our Delivery


We have experience working with companies of varying sizes in diverse business cycles and understand that every business has different needs.  Our services and solutions are designed to be flexible and can easily change form to adapt and evolve with our clients’ goals.   

Our People and Culture


A company’s success hinges on the performance of its people.  When we partner with our clients we ensure that the services we provide promote healthy work environments.  


Creating healthy work environment where employees and leaders thrive and succeed is what we love to do! 

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