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Diversity is a reality!  Inclusion is a choice!

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Is your workplace inclusive?  

Do you have a diverse team?
Your employees might think differently!  

When it comes to workplace culture, there is usually a significant gap in what leaders believe is happening versus what employees say is actually happening.  It is time to close the gap to help your business thrive!  Employers who understand the true meaning of diversity and inclusion see it as an opportunity to grow their business, better serve their clients and create inclusive workplace cultures. 

A Diverse and Inclusive Team = Your Competitive Advantage

Diverse teams help you innovate and generate better ideas, it’s a fact!  

Diversity is a key driver for innovation based on the fact that diverse teams are more in tuned with clients’ changing needs.  Businesses with diverse teams are able to understand clients’ needs from different perspectives and are more innovative in creating products and solutions, giving the business a competitive advantage.  Increasing diversity has a direct impact on your bottom line; businesses with a diverse workforce are 35% more likely to see financial returns above industry medians. 

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion in the Workplace

You want your employees to bring their best self forward and to be able to do that, the employee must first establish a sense of belonging.  Establishing a connection to a company or group of people where an employee feels they can be themselves and contribute openly and authentically, results in greater engagement and creativity in the workplace.  It extends beyond a program, it’s a psychological need! 

Group of Diverse Multiethnic Team | Topanga HR

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Program

Taking the initiative to create a diversity, equality and inclusion program is not an easy task, we have the expertise to help you build a successful program.  

These are the steps we can help you with to achieve your diversity and inclusion goals and build your program:

Identify needs/areas of concern

Collect and analyze data to determine needs

Align your team on diversity and inclusion program goals and initiatives

Coach leaders - empathy, understanding and support is key

Create a strategy to match your business objectives

Create policies, programs and practices that align with new program

Recruitment initiatives

Training on diversity and inclusion

Create internal networks and groups to champion, educate and support

Communication and buy-in, create a sense of belonging for everyone

Implement initiatives 

Measure, evaluate and adjust

Culture makers and champions exist in every organization at every level, they may just need a nudge to step forward.  We can help you be creative with your program and create opportunities where you can bring culture-minded employees together to help tackle the challenges your organization is facing and work with them to create actionable solutions. 

To learn more about how we can help you create a diversity and inclusion program for your business, contact us

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